Intake of cannabis through nasal sprays has brought a new wave in the world of innovations. As far as our knowledge goes, we have seen different methods of taking in cannabis like smoking or consuming directly. But nowadays, this new method of taking in cannabis has hit the market. These nasal sprays have THC and CBD infused in varying ratios depending upon the dosage. When inhaled, these drugs supposedly get mixed directly with the blood stream and increases bioavailability compared to smokes and edibles. Nasal sprays usually contain a solution of CBD and THC along with some amount of salt. This spray is an immediate relief in case of blocked nose, seizures, inflammation and neurological disorders. If compared to smoking weed for a psychometric effect, nasal sprays do not go any less. They are capable of giving equal amount of a hallucinating effect in your head as any other form of cannabis will.  

There are several advantages of taking cannabis or any other medicinal drug through nasal sprays. The sprays ensure transfusion of the medicine to the blood very quickly and it starts its effect on the brain promptly. This process of intake of cannabis increases bioavailability and is known as the transmucosal method of passage of the drug into the system. Nasal sprays do not degrade the other active principles of the body which is often the case of edible CBD. The burnt vegetal matters of the raw plants, which are called pyrolytic extracts, are not entered into the system through this method.  

Though there are many advantages of the nasal sprays containing CBD, it cannot be predicted how the body will react to the drug exactly. There are various results that are found after taking it in. It has been found that the several natural enzymes present on the thin nasal tissue, may get deactivated on the application of CBD and as a result they do not get metabolised. So it is wise to test the results before starting regular intake of nasal sprays containing CBD. This product is just an alternative to those who take CBD on a regular basis through smoking or edible medicines. 

The advent of cannabis nasal sprays in the market has enhanced the chances of those who could not smoke or had troubles of taking medicines through edible sources to get a high headed feeling quickly.

The transmucosal method helps in bringing the light headed feeling really quick. Nowadays, such nasal sprays are being recommended for problems like sinusitis and certain allergies as CBD reacts quickly and painlessly. Also, there is lesser arrangement to make now if you are in mood for some marijuana. Just keeping a bottle of nasal spray handy can help at any moment. Cannabis has got its own pros; and on top of it, it’s available in the form of nasal sprays at much convenience to us. An intelligent way of using it will give great results.