For years, CBD oil was frowned upon and demonized by the media for being responsible for virtually every single atrocity in the history of humankind. Then all of a sudden, our mindsets began to change, research and modern technology began to change, and we found that actually, Cannabidiol Oil was one of the healthiest compounds on the face of the earth. We’re not going to sit here and talk about the many reported health benefits associated with CBD oil because that would take all day. Take it from us however, there are a lot of benefits! No, what we’re going to be doing today, is taking a look at cocktails served in many Los Angeles bar settings. You see, LA Mixologists working in a Los Angeles bar have recently discovered an ingredient that really gives their cocktail recipes an added depth and an extra dimension. The ingredient is of course CBD oil. For a few years now, CBD oil has been utilized by world-famous chefs in some of LA’s most glamorous restaurants in their food, but now it’s also being used in cocktails, to great effect.

Why CBD oil? – As mentioned, CBD oil is renowned for its many healing abilities especially when it comes to stress, anxiety, and mental health in general. It also provides pain-relief, all with the added bonus of the consumer not becoming ‘high’ when they consume it. People often think that CBD oil will get them high, as if they have just smoked a joint packed full of cannabis. This is why CBD oil was stigmatized for so long. Yes, CBD oil is a cannabinoid found in Marijuana, but it is not psychoactive, which basically means it won’t get you high. The compound in cannabis that is psychoactive is THC. Derived from hemp, CBD oil is now the latest superfood on the block, which is why it is now incorporated into foods and drinks, including the cocktails like we’re going to be looking at today.

How is CBD oil used in cocktails? – So, now that we know what CBD oil is, and that it won’t get you as high as a kite, we can now look at how the oil itself, is used in cocktails. CBD oil contains what are known as Terpenes. Terpenes are basically compounds found in Cannabis, that gives it its unique taste and aroma. Terpenes are found in all herbs, plants, and fruits, and the key when making CBD oil cocktails, is to ensure that the oil itself complements the other flavours and ingredients found in the cocktail. CBD comes in two forms. The first as a tincture, and the second is as an oil. CBD oil often serves as a topper for delicious cocktails. The different unique densities of the liquids causes the oil to float to the surface and sit on the top of the liquid. The tinctures are alcohol-based, which means that they can very easily be blended with other mixers to create wonderful cocktails and beverages.

How do CBD cocktails make you feel? – Okay, first off, as these cocktails contain alcohol, is you drink too many you’re going to feel drunk, it’s that simple. If however, you choose to simply sip on one or two delicious cocktails instead, the CBD oil will provide you with a mild feeling of Euphoria, of relaxation, and happiness in general. Any feelings of anxiety, stress, or even nausea which you may have been experiencing beforehand, will also quickly be alleviated. The thing to remember however, is that, like caffeine, we all respond differently to CBD oil. Some people will feel incredibly relaxed and euphoric while sipping a delicious CBD oil-infused cocktail, while others will barely feel anything at all.

Does alcohol make a difference? – Yes, it does! Not surprisingly, if you are using CBD oil in a cocktail and wish for the consumer to experience the Euphoric benefits associated with the oil, you ideally want a cocktail which is lower in alcohol. Many Los Angeles bar mixologists say that the more alcohol you consume, the more the alcohol will affect you and the less you will experience the effects of the CBD oil.

How do CBD oils taste? – CBD oils vary hugely in terms of taste and aroma. Some oils have virtually no taste or aroma at all, while others have a distinctly floral, almost citrus-like aroma that works very well with other herbs like mint, basil, and thyme. Cocktails featuring Matcha Green Tea, also work well with a touch of CBD oil.

Popular CBD oil cocktails – Before we leave, we’ll look at some amazing Los Angeles bar cocktail recipes utilizing CBD oil to great effect.

CBD Julep

This is the perfect summer cocktail to sip on and unwind after a long week. The citrus-like floral notes from the CBD really lift this whiskey cocktail to a whole other level.

  • Simply take ½ ounce of sugar syrup and muddle it with 6 mint leaves in a Julep cup which has been chilled.
  • Next, take 2 ½ ounces of Bourbon, add to the Julep cup and top with ice cubes.
  • Add 15mg of CBD tincture, swizzle, and top up with more ice.
  • Garnish with a couple of mint sprigs.

Pineapple Express

This next cocktail is hugely popular at the Los Angeles Bar Otium. It’s a gin-lover’s dream and is the perfect sipping beverage.

  • Take ¾ oz Sipsmith Gin, ½ oz Farmer’s Gin, ¼ oz of vanilla syrup, 1 oz of Campari infused with Pineapple, ½ oz of Lustau Vermut, and 1 dash of Coconut CBD Oil Orange Twist.
  • Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, give a good shake, and then pour over ice.
  • Enjoy!