If you run, invest, or are thinking about starting a cannabis-based business, then you will need to gather as much information as possible. From learning the basics of how such a business operates, finding ways to save money, and reaching more potential customers, attending a marijuana business conference offers a wide variety of opportunities.

What follows is a list of conferences for those in the cannabis business that start at the end of May 2019. Just attending one marijuana conference may provide you with new ideas and approaches of how to make your business more profitable and less expensive to operate.

Marijuana Business Conferences

Energy Solutions Expo: May 28th & 29th, Stoney Creek, Oregon
This is a tradeshow dedicated to demonstrating innovative ways to increase the efficiency of your business while saving on energy and boosting your bottom like. You’ll experience educational workshops and sessions dedicated to the latest trends in the gas, water, and energy industry that can help you save money while getting the most out of your efforts.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo: May 29th & June 1st, New York, New York
The first of three conferences scheduled for 2019, this one in New York promises to be one of the biggest cannabis-oriented expos in the country. With workshops and seminars designed for those who own cannabis-based businesses, entrepreneurs, growers, extractors, educators, and more, this three-day event is filled with events that will have thousands attending. This is also a great forum to market your business and network with others in the field.

Concentration 2019: May 30th & 31st, Pala, California
This cannabis extraction conference focuses on keeping the costs down of running a cannabis-based business by demonstrating techniques to lower overhead, tracking the costs, and staying within the regulations. By providing guidance to the extraction, analytical testing, and concentration of cannabis, companies involved in the process may save a considerable amount on their expenses.

Marijuana Business Conferences

Cannabis Connections Symposium: June 5th, Boulder, Colorado
This symposium is all about providing a fresh perspective to those in the business with topics ranging from how to market cannabis to mainstream customers to demonstrating the positive health effects the product has for those who need it. With so many relevant topics covered in a single day, this may be one of the more beneficial marijuana business conference events that you will attend.

Fifth Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference: June 10th & June 11th, Temecula, California
The unique status of Native American-run cannabis businesses is the subject of this annual conference. The event will cover how tribes can start, run, employ, and market cannabis-based businesses to customers while enjoying the benefits that it provides. The conference is aimed at tribal leaders and council members, but is also beneficial for industry professionals, risk managers, consultants, and others who wish to work with tribes in taking advantage of the industry.

Marijuana Business Conferences

MJBizConNEXT: June 12th, 13th, & 14th, New Orleans, Louisiana
This marijuana conference focuses on presenting seminars and programs for cultivators, extractors, business executives, and innovators in the industry. This is all about the future of cannabis and how new technology is changing how companies operate to improve what they have to offer. Many industry leaders will be at the conference providing their insight in this rapidly growing industry.

The Cannabis Society Joint Venture Conference: June 26th, San Francisco, California
Here, you get presentations from technology companies, retail stores, licensed producers and cultivators, and popular food and beverage brands. The goal is to create a joint venture, pun intended, to augment the success of your business and those who decide to merge their efforts with you. This is a great way to get your business off the ground by working with professionals in the industry. They want to succeed, so their goal is to help you succeed as well.

Marijuana Business Conferences

CBD Expo Tour: June 28th & 29th, Seattle, Washington
One of the most popular events in the cannabis industry, the CBD Expo Tour offers a great platform to announce your presence. This is the place to show off your knowledge of the industry and work with up to 75 or more exhibitors who are also there to demonstrate their knowledge. From research to production to new techniques and the globalization of CBD, this is the place to network and meet businesses that are interested in working with you.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo: July 22nd, 23rd, & 24th, San Jose, California
A celebrated, award-winning marijuana conference and trade show, the expo is hosted by the only national trade association involved with cannabis. With over 400 companies on the expo floor, over 150 speakers, and more than 10,000 leaders in the cannabis industry, this is the place to attend. The three-day event offers a great way for those who run a cannabis-based business to learn the latest techniques and market to new customers.

Marijuana Business Conferences

Griffin Grower & Retailer Expo: August 21st & 22nd, Worcester, Massachusetts
Another excellent expo focused on the growing and marketing of cannabis-related products, this offers those on the East Coast the opportunity to meet, network, and learn more about the industry. the expo itself is well-regarded for introducing new techniques and technology to help those in the business become more productive along with reaching new potential customers.

There are other expos and conferences around the US scheduled, most of which are regional in nature and focus on those who want to network more within their own community. It pays to look for smaller events in your neighborhood which will help you work together. Plus, you have the advantage of meeting with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts who can teach you about the potential of your industry while in your community.

There is little doubt that cannabis-based businesses are some of the fastest-rising in the US. A single marijuana business conference may provide a new idea that helps you reach more customers or change your approach to make your company more profitable. It is important that attending a marijuana conference should be part of your business routine, so find the ones that work best for you and make plans to attend.