If you are thinking of becoming a player in the cannabis industry in California, it is wise that you get in touch with a consultant. With the continuously changing policies in the beautiful state of California, it can be difficult to navigate the various procedures and licensing requirements on your own. A great consultant will be able to help you to understand all the cannabis business best practices and compliance mandated, should you desire to launch a cannabis retail operation in California.

If you are completely new to the business of cannabis, it is highly recommended that you start by using the services of a California cannabis consultant. When you go through the cannabis consulting process, you will learn all that there is to the licensing application process, they will help you to craft your dispensary’s business plan, help you select and design retail space layouts and the relevant floor plans and will even assist you in setting your branding and marketing strategy. To assist you in getting started. This article highlights the top Cannabis Consultants for the state of California. You will find them all to be highly helpful in getting your cannabis business launched.

Cannabis Advising Partners
Cannabis Advising Partners is based in Long Beach. They guide clients through all the steps of cannabis operation start-up. This level of cannabis consulting includes licensing and permitting, corporate structuring, strategic 280E tax planning, compliance management, human resource development and everything else needed to successfully start and manage your cannabis business. The team at Cannabis Advising Partners is made up of engineers, accountants, lawyers, and other executives who are experienced in navigating the industry and the government. These California-based cannabis consultants are more than qualified to help you get your cannabis operation off the ground.

This cannabis consulting company was founded by Dane and Jay Czarkowski. They work with busines to help them get started all across America. This includes California. The services of CannaAdvisors include license application assistance and procurement, the design of the facility that will house your cannabis operation, marketing planning, operations management, and assistance with California cannabis compliance. This company also assists with scaling your business when you are ready to do so. The masterminds behind CannaAdvisors, Dane and Jay are truly experienced in the business of cannabis. There cannabis consulting is backed by their hands-on experience of being the owners of one of the first cannabis cultivation and dispensary facility in the state of Colorado. The staff that they lead has a combined experience in this industry of 75 years. In 2017, CannAdvisors was dubbed the number one cannabis consulting business by the Cannabis Business Executive.

Be Green Legal
Another top consulting firm is Be Green Legal. They are effective in helping entrepreneurs get started in the cannabis business in California. Their consulting services include helping with property surveys and location selection, the development of the floor plans for your business place, operation, and business plans, applying for environmental permits and the acquisition of local and state licenses. The team at Be Green Legal includes a decorated group of land use planners, environmental impact compliance experts and corporate strategists. Their offices can be found in San Diego and Sacramento.

World Wide Weed Inc.
Based in San Diego, California, World Wide Weed Incorporated are experts in a wide range of services. They are able to assist you with process from cannabis trademarking and intellectual property to cannabis dispensary and logistics. World Wide Weed are helpful in getting your business plan set up and preparing your company for operational readiness. Their consulting also includes facility planning. They do this very well because they have a strong network of real estate and financing contacts. World Wide Weed Inc. is based in San Diego, CA. World Wide Weed Inc. ® specializes in a variety of services from cannabis trademarking and intellectual property to cannabis dispensary and delivery logistics. World Wide Weed Inc. also helps with your business plan and operational readiness with compliance. World Wide Weed Inc. can also help with facility planning with their network contacts in real estate and lending.

Canna Group Incorporated
The consulting experience you will receive when working with Canna Group Inc. is world class. They help their clients with 4 critical components of the California cannabis licensing process. These are:

  • Site Selection
  • Retail Floor Planning
  • Team Development
  • Operational Planning

After they successfully navigate you through the licensing process, they will help you with finding and procuring the proper equipment and supplier, compliance management, record keeping, administration, security and all the other requirements of the state to operate a cannabis retail operation. This cannabis consulting firm is chaired by Grant Rollin. He also works as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Grant Rollin almost 20 years of working with Deloitte and later founded and served in a high position in a number of high-value businesses. The CEO of Canna Group Inc, Aaron Silverman has a strong cannabis background. His experiences include managing dispensaries, cultivating cannabis, business development, marketing, and branding.

Point 7 Group
Point 7 Group is based in Denver, Colorado. The company is woman-owned and has assisted more than 100 clients to secure over 40 commercial cannabis licenses. These companies operate across 75 regulated markets include the state of California. The company’s CEO is Ashley Picillo. The other professionals operating this business have 37 combined years of experience in legal cannabis, structure and financing, branding, facility designs, licensing assistance and more.

3C Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting
3C, as their name suggests, provide comprehensive cannabis consulting to individuals desirous of joining the industry. They provide end-to-end cannabis consulting. The assist with evaluating start-up financial and investment presentations, cannabis retail licensing, site selection, facility design and development, compliance and regulation, business planning and marketing development. The CEO of this cannabis consulting firm is Nic Easley. He has over 15 years of experience in this industry.