Over the years, vaping has become one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. While smoking CBD has been one of the primary methods of cannabis consumption for decades, with the rapid growth of cannabis industry, vaping has become generally more preferred over smoking.

Vaping is well-known for being a relatively convenient and healthier method of taking cannabis as cannabis vape pen is used to heat up the product rather than combusting/burning it. However, there are some risks and health concerns. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly is Vaping?
Vaping is a short term for “vaporizing”, which vaporizes the active ingredients in a substance without burning/combustion. It achieves this by using a stream of heated air. Vaping cannabis simply means vaporizing the cannabinoids in a form that can be easily inhaled, just like smoke.

Benefits of Vaping Cannabis
Following are the key benefits of vaping cannabis:

• Almost-Instant Circulation : As compared to digesting cannabis which may take as long as 30 minutes for cannabis circulation, the effects of vaping cannabis are almost instantaneous. So, using a cannabis vape pen is a great way to take CBD for anyone who is looking to help treat conditions like bouts of anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures, where you would want the CBD to take effect as fast as possible.

cannabis oil for vape pens

• Discreet : Vaping is a very subtle way of consuming cannabis. You can remain very discrete with a cannabis vape pen and take it with you on the go if you wish.

• Less Irritation : Vaping gets rid of irritants that are present when smoking.

• Reduces Toxic Compounds Found in Smoking : According to a study, vaporizer can significantly reduce toxins in cannabis smoke so it is much safer to use.

The Risks of Vaping Cannabis
Following are some risks and concerns associated with vaping cannabis:

• Some Users May Develop Allergies : A small percentage of users are allergic or may develop allergies to some of the materials and chemicals used in vapes.

• Possible Metal Inhalation : Although cannabis oil for vape pens itself is safe to consume, when it is heated, broken down, and oxidized through prolonged use, there is a risk of metal nanoparticles (e.g. cadmium, lead, etc.) mixing into the vapor that the user inhales.

• Can Be Relatively Costly : Vaping cannabis overall is a bit costlier as compared to some other forms of cannabis consumption. Cannabis oil for vape pens as well as vaporizers are generally pricier at both local shops and online stores.

Final Thoughts
Generally, cannabis in whatever form you consume is safe and does its job well. But you should understand that each method, including vaping, has its own set of benefits and risks. Vaping is popular because its pros outweigh the cons. Still, it is recommended that you weigh both benefits and risks of CBD products out there and determine which ones address your preferences, ailments, and overall health goals. With a little research and experimentation, you can surely find a method of CBD consumption that’s best for you.