From past 30 years, cannabis was allowed to use for medical purpose only; but it was legalized for recreational needs as well in California by the year 2016. Within two years of legalization, most of the people in the state started applying for the marijuana card. Some of you might be interested to know more about this card and how it can help in buying cannabis products. Don’t worry! The article below can guide you better in this regard.

Limited access to cannabis:

Well, legalization of recreational marijuana doesn’t mean that you can buy it anywhere in the state. Instead, 332 municipalities in California banned all commercial activities related to cannabis. Hence, people were forced to find some other means to get marijuana for their needs, and the best solution in the state was to apply for a cannabis rx discount card. Some agencies in the state can help people to get their MMJ card with ease.

In July 2018, almost 14% municipalities in CA allowed purchasing recreational cannabis from storefronts; almost 19% granted deliveries of recreational cannabis, 20% permitted collection from MMJ storefronts and 32% also authorized deliveries via MMJ card. With these changes in the regulations, the potential choices available with buyers for making an easy purchase was a medical cannabis card.


Things to know about MMICs:

It is important to know that Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) is the part of a major state-wide database that includes records of all registered medical cannabis patients. This database helps in quick verification at the time of purchase and at the same time, maintains the desired level of privacy as well.

As per new regulations, MMIC need to undergo HIPPA privacy procedures; it is almost the same as that of any hospital or medical doctor. Note that, many medical marijuana patients do not apply for MMIC; instead, they simply get recommendations from doctors without registering to any database.

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MMJ recommendations Vs. MMIC:

There are so many benefits of medical cannabis over recreational cannabis. Few of them are listed below:

  • The MMIC exempts the buyers from state sales tax over cannabis. In a few cases, it may exempt local taxes as well.
  • It poses less restrictive purchase limits.
  • People can enjoy higher legal possession limits.
  • It provides strong legal protections.
  • Medical dispensaries allow MMJ patients to get free cannabis.
  • As per California state law, any person above the age group of 21 can buy cannabis from anywhere in the state.

Getting recommendations for MMJ:

Some leading telemedicine providers in the state can help you to get marijuana with ease. You can easily get registered for the facility online by using your computer or mobile phone. It takes a few minutes to verify the details, and soon, you will be able to get the certification to make a purchase anywhere in the state. They charge a reasonable fee for the discount prescription card and recommendation. There are plenty of dispensaries and trusted doctors as well that can help you get prescriptions without any trouble.