Shatter and was are quite similar, even if they appear differently. While commonly associated with cannabis and getting “high”, they can be used to introduce CBD or cannabidiol to the system as well. This means that you can choose a CBD shatter or wax that best suits your needs.

Both wax and shatter provide concentrated amounts of CBD. They are similar in the sense that they are delivered in the same manner. They are heated until they release their vapors which are then inhaled, just like a vaping product.

Both wax and shatter are delivered using the dabbing process. This is a special vaping device or “bong” as it were in which the substance is melted at the front with the vapors being drawn in through a long tube. But what is the difference between shatter and wax? And what is better for you to use? It helps to know what each substance is before the differences are discussed.

What is CBD Wax?
Given that this substance looks like a ball of earwax, there is little doubt where it got its name. The wax is rolled and prepared for heating purposes. When it turns into vapor, the substance is then inhaled. The result is the concentrated amount of CBD is delivered to the system.

What is CBD Shatter?
Shatter may have gotten its name from the thin, glass-like appearance of the substance. It is stable, but it also can be broken or shattered easily. When heated, it does take some time for the substance to break down, but when that happens it can deliver its dose quickly and in high concentrations.

The starkest difference is the appearance even if both are essentially the same. But another difference is that wax is not as durable nor as easy to handle as shatter. While shatter is quite rigid, handling the wax is more difficult.

Another important difference is that shatter has a higher concentration, which allows for greater potency with less of the substance. For those who use shatter to get “high” with THC, the impact is quite noticeable. So noticeable that many prefer the lesser impact of the wax. And while CBD does not get you “high”, the wax does deliver the substance without the strong hit.

Shatter might be better for those who need concentrated doses delivered with the greatest efficiency. Which may include those using other medications that will not cause a dangerous reaction. Wax might be better for those who want less of a concentrated effect, but still want to use a vaping process. It is true that wax is harder to handle and not as strong compared to shatter.

Whether you choose CBD shatter or wax, the choice will be based on what works best for your needs. You may find that neither product is right, but you should be aware that there are differences in how each substance works depending on the amount of CBD involved. That way, if you choose wax or perhaps a shatter liquidizer, you can make the best-informed choice for your situation.