nj marijuana dispensary

Out of 50, 32 states in the USA have granted legalization to the use of marijuana owing to its medicinal properties and capabilities of relieving painful symptoms attached to chronic and long-term illnesses. Considering this aspect, it can be safely said that the market of marijuana is only growing with each passing day and in order to keep up with the swelling demand, the manufacturing of marijuana companies needs to be increased. Moreover, the Federal law doesn’t allow interstate transport of marijuana which brings us to a point that to serve the citizens of a particular state, it must cultivate its marijuana and cannabis edibles and distribute them.

The marijuana industry will witness a further boost once the plan of moving its branches to New Jersey City becomes successful. The land that has been primarily targeted to carry out the growth, cultivation, processing and dispensing of marijuana is located at 1 Edward Hart Drive, but this land was earlier dedicated to the construction of a bowling alley and brewery for the local people. The resolution was initiated on July 16 by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency that permits the redevelopment of the area and agrees upon a mutual contract between the developer and the agency. The name of the developer is Nuka properties but the construction will be carried out by a firm known by the name of Liberty Plant Sciences.

According to the records of the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, LLC has never been mentioned to be working with the state, but developers with the same name were registered in the database of the state Colorado. Furthermore, reports claim that a marijuana company by the name Peter Barsoom has been working with former New Jersey Governor Jim Florio who too is striving to expand the business of marijuana companies and the number of NJ marijuana dispensaries in the state. Apart from this, Liberty Plant Sciences have their records of affiliation in the New Jersey business filings that was incorporated out of Henderson.

nj marijuana dispensary

Peter Barsoom in an interview last year, showed their desire to capitalize on the property that they have next to the liberty state park. Their plan includes transforming the land into a production and cultivation spot that is likely to outshine all the other ones. They would allow visitors too to visit this area and get to know more about marijuana and cannabis edibles and how they are distributed to the NJ marijuana dispensaries under proper guidance.

The redevelopment agreement is being carried out due to the poor performance and consequent failure of the bowling alley proposal at 1 Edward Hart Road. This place was previously a printing plant but faced a lot of hurdles and damages during the storm Sandy and as a result, the ruins of the area kept delaying the reconstruction of the place into brewery and bowling alley.

The developers are only waiting to receive a green signal from the Federal laws following which New Jersey will have its marijuana production and more number of NJ marijuana dispensaries will be granted with a legal license for distribution.