If you are at Coachella, there is a high possibility for you to come across extreme security measures. In fact, the security guards at Coachella are quite tough and they want to make sure that no person is taking drugs along with them. This will keep you away from taking cannabis or CBD drops into Coachella as well.

When you are getting to Coachella, you will have to go through three different security checkpoint tiers. You will be thoroughly checked for drugs in these security checkpoints. It can make you feel a bit personal as well. However, you don’t need to worry too much because there are few effective methods, which you can follow in order to take CBD drops along with you.

Coachella is one of the most exciting weekends that you have in your life. You don’t want to miss the action in this weekend without your cannabis or CBD drops. That’s where you need to take cannabis in a well-protected manner, so that no person including a security guard will be able to spot them.

Carry a poison ring
When you take a look at the different methods available for you to take CBD drops and cannabis along with you to Coachella, using a poison ring may sound like a great option available to consider. You don’t need to keep any doubts or second thoughts in mind when you are taking CBD inside a poison ring. That’s because your ring will never be searched for by the security guards. You can easily take cannabis to Coachella and enjoy them to have the best weekend of the year.

Now you must be wondering what exactly a poison ring is. A poison ring is a unique container type, which is located under the bezel. Or else, the bezel might even act as the container. You will be able to use this container in the ring to hold poison. In fact, it was constructed back in the day to hold poison, so that people could poison their enemies.

In today’s world, you have the freedom to use that container and take cannabis to Coachella along with you. This is one of the most effective and proven methods available for you to take CBD drops or cannabis into Coachella.

What other methods do people use to take cannabis to Coachella?
People who visit Coachella are using many smart methods to take cannabis along with them. It is worthy to take a look at those methods as well. Then you will be able to get some inspiration about the different methods that are available to consider. Along with that, you will be able to stick to the best method at all times as well.

Some of the guys tend to hide cannabis joints in their hair and take to Coachella. If you are a person who has lots of hair, this will be a good option available for you to consider as well. That’s because your hair will not usually be checked by the security guards.

On the other hand, some other people tend to take cannabis along with them to Coachella in the shoes. You have the freedom to take a look at this method as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that security guards have sensed this method and there is a high possibility for you to get caught. Therefore, it is better if you can think twice before going forward with this method.

Out of all the methods available, using a poison ring will be the best choice. That’s because the security guards who work at Coachella will not even know that there is a possibility to hide cannabis or CBD oil drops inside a poison ring. They might not know what a poison ring is. Therefore, you can take your cannabis unnoticed and enjoy Coachella like never before.