There are different types of marijuana and they are all called by different names. But to people who have no idea as to what the different types of weed or what marijuana actually is, what are the varieties and what effects they have on human body the different types of marijuana may seem like completely different drugs. To be precise, there are many different ways to prepare the same drug and all of them will have the same psychoactive ingredients.

Marijuana and its potency can differ greatly from one plant to another, also from one preparation to the other. It is important to note that the way the drug is administered can very very strongly affect the level of how marijuana affects the body. It is only because of these reasons that a person’s experience of taking the marijuana can completely be different from that of another person. The different types of weed will have different effects.

The 3 major types of marijuana can be defined as under :

  • Indica :

This type of marijuana is believed to have originated from the Hindu “Kush” region, which is very close to the country of Afghanistan. So anybody who is aware of the little about the different types of weed, marijuana should also know that Kush stands to be a really strong kind of weed. Wherever it is found in Afghanistan it is observed that the strain develops thick coats of resin to protect themselves from the harsh climate. Major characteristics of this type of marijuana known as Indica are ; time for flowering, yields, the geographical character of the location from where the seeds come and the different kinds of flavours. The names which are given to the top flavours of indica are : Northern Lights, Purple Haze and Granddaddy Purple.

After a person takes the Indica strain it provides a relaxing effect along with the tendency to make you reach for the couch.

  • Sativa :

Among the different types of marijuana, this type of marijuana known as Sativa and its strain is known to have energising effects. This is probably the main reason why they are often used in the morning or afternoon. Sativa strain of marijuana can be used for depression, fatigue and exhaustion. The morphology of sativa is a growth that reaches up to 20 feet and is kind of narrow with loose branches.

With effects like mood uplifting Sativa also helps in bringing our creative side out in the open. For people who want to understand medicinal applications of different types of marijuana, sativa can be used to treat ADD and mood swings. The major flavours of Sativa strain : Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer.

  • Hybrid :

Studying about different types of weed comes this Hybrid variety of marijuana that comes from the many varieties of the two ancient strains and the seeds of various geographical areas are therefore cross germinated to properly balance the marijuana with both of the strains. It thus gives the user the best of both worlds.