Since the legitimization of marijuana, there has been a lot of development for cannabis lover designs. Even there is a high-end brand named The New Smoker. People have gone crazy with funky designs for the love of marijuana or should we say pot. The people have come to realize the fact that this is a part of their culture so just accept it and be a part of it. With the developing hype, here we have got a few cannabis lover designs in which you might be interested in. Have a look:

1- Lava lamps
Lava lamps are shaped like a drug capsule which one can usually find at the parties. The lamps are in lava colors and make a wonderful addition in your bedroom. Green, yellow, and the red color is really bright and give a bold look.

2- Cannabis leaf rug
For anyone who is interested in cannabis lover designs, an area rug designed with cannabis leaf print would be a great addition in your home. There are small and large size area rugs with cannabis leaf designs. People can use them in their living room or bedroom. Even if someone doesn’t like marijuana, the area rugs with green leafy prints still have the catchy look.

3- Cannabis leaf door beads
If you live nearby of beach or area where it is windy and sand, then it would be a good idea for you to have cannabis leaf door beads. Every movie which involves clubs, stoner den, or places like that have one of those at the entrance. The cannabis plant is painted on it. So, whenever you are having a stoner party at your place, the smoke coming through the door beads is definitely something hot.

4- Cannabis leaf neon
Do you want to celebrate marijuana legitimization? Go buy yourself cannabis leaf neon light and put it in somewhere where the public can see it. You can put it in your home or put it in your window. Although it is a bit cheesy but who cares, you are who you are, and it can be used for a great party lightening especially when you are having a party at the open space.

5- Marijuana t-shirts
Nothing is better than wearing what you believe. There are hundreds of t-shirts which are printed with marijuana slogans. Some of them have slogans while some are printed with plants or weed art. People around the world wear them and show their support to pothead community. An Iconic singer like snoop dog is also printed on some of the shirts. With t-shirts, you can get rolling papers, lighters, and poster of marijuana too. Everything is printed about marijuana as in cannabis plant print or weed slogan.